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For a long time I have been using TrueCrypt containers to store really private data in DropBox or Google drive. Today I have discovered that it is possible to have encfs base storage and access it from Linux, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Using encfs saves used space and doesn't limit size of the container. The encrypted folder can grow as big as you want or may afford.


iPhone and Android set up is done by installing BoxCryptor application.


Ubuntu has native FUSE driver and applications:

>sudo apt-get install encfs cryptkeeper

Cryptkeeper is a GUI tool to mount EncFS folders. It is not compatible with recent Ubuntu versions and there is a problem showing indicator.

Windows 7

Windows installation is also simple one should just follow instructions at encfs4win page.

Important note: BoxCryptor is quite limited, but is readable by both native Linux encfs and encfs4win. Create container in BoxCryptor and use it everywhere.


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