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I've finally got my new USB stick SunDisk Extreme I wasn't able to find in my home city and had to order on eBay. Of course I wanted to move all the functionality mentioned here and have a new multi-tool bootable flash drive. Additionally it would be great to have an ability to copy big files (DVD images or movies) onto the stick. The only file system allowing files >4G and readable under Windows, Linux and embedded OSes in TV-sets or media centers is NTFS. But syslinux can't boot NTFS partition ;(.

Therefore I need at least two partitions: FAT32 to boot syslinux and NTFS to store information. Unfortunately Windows recognizes only first partition on removable USB sticks. This meant that WinPE has to be installed on the first partition to boot XP successfully. Linux and FreeDOS recognize both partitions and there are no problems accessing your information.

Syslinux, systemrescuecd, tails and grub4dos are installed onto the second (FAT32) partition as they all detect all the partitions and can access both. WinPE, FiraDisk and required folders structure have been deployed to the first (NTFS) partition. Of course syslinux and grub4dos configuration has been modified to incorporate the new partitions layout but finally all works great and I also see a positive thing in Windows not seeing the second partition: it's virus free. It's safe to insert it into Windows PC and the second partition won't be infected because Windows drivers won't allow to access it.


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