Creating universal boot USB stick

Sat, 15 Dec 2012 by Bolshevik in os | Comments

As a person who does know something about computers and the computer science I am often asked to help resolving computer related problems. It may be cleaning windows machine after virus attack or just setting up a newly bought PC hardware, operating system and applications. Thus it is very cool ...

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Writing extendable javascript

Mon, 26 Nov 2012 by Bolshevik in javascript | Comments

Little attention is paid to writing an extendable javascript code. Prototype framework despite its backwardness and old age does provide some defensive mechanisms and interfaces making developers use limited OOP. While jQuery does not. I would say that Prototype is concentrated on a thin architecture with an ability to manipulate ...

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Альтернативный способ записи IP-адресов

Сб, 24 ноя 2012 by Bolshevik in General | Comments

Кросс пост с Хабрахабра для тестирования возможностей Pelican.

Прочитав в сентябре заметку Альтернативный способ записи IP-адресов, подумал интересно, какие же умные бывают программы, и забыл.

Недавно пришлось устанавливать mpi для локальной разработки. Попробовал и MS MPI и MPICH, оба завершались с неочевидной ошибкой сети 10051, как гласит MSDN, это означает ...

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Pelican static blog generator and deployment via git

Fri, 23 Nov 2012 by Bolshevik in python | Comments Translations: ru

This is the first article written usign Pelican website generator and Markdown markup language.

Pelican is a python application that generates a static website using a specified templates. The main usage is blog generation using a content written in reStructuredText or Markdown markup format.

Main advantage of static website is ...

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